The ‘R’ Girls | Heather Krah Photography | Pittsburgh Child Photographer

The personalities of these three little girls are so infectious.  And that little one, don’t take your eyes off her, she’s a wild one.  I had a blast making them laugh and getting some shots that their mama and daddy will love.  Here are some of my favorites.



The ‘K’ Family | Heather Krah Photography | Pittsburgh Family Photographer

This family is so near and dear to my heart.  I love working with them year after year and watching their kiddos grow.  Besides, they are gorgeous!

Rory is 1 ~ Pittsburgh Child Photographer ~ Heather Krah Photography

Say Hello to Rory!  Doesn’t he have the most gorgeous, big, brown eyes you’ve ever seen?  I absolutely adore this little guy.  His mom and I were pregnant at the same time and my baby is only a week older than him, which is so fun because they are cousins.

At first, he wanted nothing to do with the crazy lady with the camera.  Of course we had to get some with mom and dad too.  Then there came the cake.  He loved the cake.  That was, until he put his foot right in it and the tears started flowing.  It was all worth it to get these shots.

Jackson’s 6 Month Session ~ Pittsburgh Child Photographer ~ Heather Krah Photography

Jackson is one of my Grow With Me babies.  He was so pleasant during his newborn session and made this one a breeze too.  Check out he adorable little grin!

Hayden is 6 Months Old ~ Pittsburgh Child Photographer ~ Heather Krah Photography

Look at those cheeks, are they not to die for!  I had so much fun with this little guy, although he seem to be less than enthusiastic with me at first.