The ‘R’ Girls | Heather Krah Photography | Pittsburgh Child Photographer

The personalities of these three little girls are so infectious.  And that little one, don’t take your eyes off her, she’s a wild one.  I had a blast making them laugh and getting some shots that their mama and daddy will love.  Here are some of my favorites.



Tammy + Deane | Heather Krah Photography | Pittsburgh Wedding Photographer

We may have fought homecoming at two universities and been stuck in atrocious traffic, but there is nothing else I can say except that this wedding was so much fun.  The party went late into the night and included ‘midnight snacks.’  Thank you both for letting me capture your incredible day!


The ‘K’ Family | Heather Krah Photography | Pittsburgh Family Photographer

This family is so near and dear to my heart.  I love working with them year after year and watching their kiddos grow.  Besides, they are gorgeous!

Sarah +John | Heather Krah Photography | Pittsburgh Wedding Photographer

Despite the torrential downpour that took place, these two had an amazing day filled with family, fun and PENGUINS!


Tammy + Deane | Heather Krah Photography | Pittsburgh Wedding Photographer

We had a gorgeous afternoon for Tammy and Deane’s engagement session.  We met up at the Frick Fine Arts Building on the University of Pittsburgh campus, Deane’s alma mater to start and then headed to Schenley Park.  Funny story, on my way to meet them I took a wrong turn…as is the usual for me…and I came across this field of flowers.  I knew they would love it and sure enough they looked fabulous in there.  I look forward to celebrating their wedding with them in October!


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Introducing Jude | Heather Krah Photography | Pittsburgh Newborn Photographer

Hey, Jude!  OK, I had to…and I can because I’m his AUNT!  I love this new little nugget that has joined our family.  He was the perfect little sleeper and spoiled me during his session.  Of course big sister had to join us for a few shots as well.

Welcome to the world and our crazy family little man.


Rory is 3 | Heather Krah Photography | Pittsburgh Child Photographer

This kid is just the cutest thing!  I love seeing him every year for his birthday photos.  He’s always looking so dapper.  Happy 3rd big guy!


2016-08-26_0001 2016-08-26_0002 2016-08-26_0003

The ‘A’ Family | Heather Krah Photography | Pittsburgh Newborn & Lifestyle Photographer

As far as families go, they are one of my favorites…and they have added one more!  I got to spend the morning with this fun bunch to document their new addition and was able to snap some of the other two in their newly redecorated rooms.  They were so excited to show them off and it was fun being able to capture them in their element and see their little personalities shine.

Awaiting Eli | Heather Krah Photography | Pittsburgh Maternity Photographer

I met April nearly 15 years ago during my freshman year of college, our dorm rooms next door to each other.  We shared a stunning view of the county jail.  Go ahead, be jealous.  Flash forward to a few years ago when we ran into each other at our workplace cafeteria when we reconnected.  I’m so glad we did and that she asked me to capture her maternal glow.  Have a peek at her session.

Aiden {Class of 2015} | Heather Krah Photography | Pittsburgh Senior Photographer

Way back in September…it seems so long ago now…I had the pleasure of photographing this handsome senior in The Strip District.  He totally rocked his session and his mom got bonus points for bringing me a coffee.  (Speaking of his mom, if you need a real estate agent look her up…HERE.  She also acts as a therapist in a pinch when you are having a meltdown over the whole selling a house/buying a house process…not that I would know…) Check out some of my favorite shots from his session.